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Yanan d all safety evaluation co., LTD. Introduction to the company business scope mainly has conducted at present:Safety evaluation:Yanan d all safety evaluation co., LTD,Evidence is for the first time2008Years8Month8Day,Approved by the shaanxi province the supervision and administration of production safety、Set up in accordance with the law、Have specialized in safety evaluation work of the safety assessment grade b qualification of professional intermediaries。Qualification certificate number:APJ—(Shan)—314The business license business scope:Safety evaluation;Occupational disease hazard evaluation;Fire safety assessment。General business projects:Production safety technical advice;Energy saving technical consultation;The railway transport、Urban rail transit and auxiliary facilities、Highway、Port terminals、Mechanical equipment and electrical appliances manufacturing safety evaluation consultation;Water conservancy、Water and electricity...

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Yanan d all safety evaluation co., LTD

Address:Yan 'an landscape garden10Building4The bill

The phone:0911-8267181


Yulin branch office:0912-3640673 / 15529932137

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