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Qingdao huakai wisdom that occupy the home endowment service co., LTD

The company was founded2014Years,Formerly known as Qingdao hkflu huakai the human resources co., LTD In the same year started to explore in the field of home endowment And successively invested1600Ten thousand yuan,Set up their own research and development team in Beijing“Wisdom endowment+Housekeeping”In the system (A leading domestic、Qingdao initiative )。

2017Years began to implement intelligent information endowment service platform of jiaozhou area coverage plan,Also for investment600Ten thousand yuan to set up community hospitals and set life care、Rehabilitation nursing、Cultural entertainment、Spiritual solace、Short-term foster in the integration of high-end day care centers。

Company successively won the development process,Shandong province ten big brand human resources、(The whole country)Domestic service industry unit of honesty、 Computer software copyright、Qingdao city federation of trade unions business leaders、Retire the cadre family service fixed-point units、2017Years3.15Integrity unit of consumer satisfaction、Shandong province family service industry association member units、Qingdao family service industry association member units, etc。



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Address:Qingdao city in shandong province producing soft container bags.for fuzhou south road33The north gate, the prosperous common people square
The phone:0532-87207199
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