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  Anqiu million peanut machinery co., LTDIs a research and development、The production of various kinds of nuts、Soft fruit machinery food machinery manufacturers,Mechanical products covers the peanut machinery、Cashew machinery、Sesame machinery、Soybean machinery、Melon seeds machinery、Walnut machine、Almond machinery、Peach kernel machines、Fruits and vegetables machinery and so on the many kinds of nuts、Soft fruit food processing machinery。
  The company is located in anqiu weifang city, shandong province agricultural science and technology park of cloud。Is located in shuangfeng avenue and sing-an road intersection,Surrounding multiple international trade port,The amphibious transportation is convenient,The geographical position is extremely superior。
  Million peanut machinery company has a strong research and development strength,Strict management system,Exquisite production technology,Excellent product quality and perfect after-sale protection,Nuts in the country、Soft fruit machinery field of its own。The company has experienced product development team,Production of exclusive technology products,More efficient,Production is bigger,The cost is more economical,Can be used as customer's technical adviser,Business field customers,Private custom products according to customers' requirements,Perfect sales and after-sales service help customers solve technical problems,Let the customer faster and easier more directly to complete the purchase of equipment and use,Let the customer get cost-effective equipment。Products throughout Asia,And exported to Europe and the United States、Africa and Oceania,Influenced by global customers trust and praise。
The main products of the company:
  All kinds of food production line:Cashew Bai Ren production line,Braised food peanut production line(Hoisting cage peanut production line),Spicy peanut production line,Drunkard peanut production line,Fishskin peanuts production line,Icing peanut production line,Chocolate production line,Peanut butter production line,Sesame paste production line,Sesame baking production line,Sesame peeling production line,Baking soybean production line,Peanut oil、Soybean oil、Walnut oil production line,Peanut sauce、Walnut、Almond beverage production line,Almond peeling、To take off the production line,Walnut sauce production line,Peanut candy production line,Pumpkin seeds、Watermelon seeds production line,Garlic deep processing production line,Hawaii fruit production line,Fruit and vegetable drying production line, etc。
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Sales and service hotline1:15865368580    Mr. Zhang
Sales and service hotline2: 13468499885    Mr. Zhang
Customer service email address:aqkeyi@163.com
Customer service WeChat:zai903158
Customer serviceQQ1:3557058100
Customer serviceQQ2:  740046943
Address:Anqiu city in shandong province shuangfeng avenue north industrial park
     Half a grain&Shattered&Grinding paste series     Shell&Peeling series
     Wrapped in clothing&Hang a sugar&Mixing materials series     Baking&Drying series
     Cooling conveyor series         To clean&Go to miscellaneous series
     Filter series classification         Series production line
     Fried series           Cooking oil&Take off the oil series
     Packaging series
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